H 1976

Title: Study of a Patient Reported Outcomes Registry
Author: Sheffield J

Relates to a study of the use of a patient-reported outcomes registry in conjunction with health coverage for certain governmental employees.

02/16/2017 INTRODUCED.
03/15/2017 To HOUSE Committee on PENSIONS.
04/13/2017 Scheduled for public hearing 4/17/2017.
04/17/2017 Considered in public hearing.
04/17/2017 Testimony taken in committee.
04/17/2017 Left pending in committee.
04/24/2017 Considered in public hearing.
04/24/2017 From HOUSE Committee on PENSIONS: Reported favorably.
04/26/2017 Committee report printed and distributed.
04/27/2017 Committee report sent to calendars.


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